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Taliban Stop 100 Women’s Traveling to Dubai for Scholarship

“Taliban” stops 100 Afghan women from Dubai university scholarship.

Head of a Dubai-based firm Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor stated that he intended to fund the female students to attend university and that the plane he had bought for was scheduled to carry them to the UAE on Wednesday morning.

He posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, saying, “We have organized everything for them here, accommodation, education, transportation security. The Taliban government refused to allow the girls who were coming to study here — a hundred girls sponsored by me — they refused to board the plane.

The businessman included audio of an Afghan student who said that she had been traveling with a male relative but that Kabul airport officials had prevented her and others from boarding the plane.

Afghanistan’s universities and high schools are no longer open to female students under the Taliban government.

Afghans are permitted to leave the country, although they are typically required to have a male relative, such as their husband, father, or brother, accompany them when they travel long distances or abroad.

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