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Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa: Why He is Going Viral?

Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa gains fame for catchphrase and punchline.

Akhtar Lawa, a well-known businessman and father of five children, became well-known online for his catchphrase and punchline. The reason he started using the tagline in his TikTok videos, he claimed in a YouTube interview, is because it makes him feel “charged and alive”. His catchphrase “Lahore da Pawa Akhtar Lawa” is extremely well known these days on social media. Akhtar, 64, the man behind this phrase, recently expressed his gratitude to Allah in an interview, saying, I serve the slaves of Allah, I adore children, and this is my job and my life, my Lord. He claimed that when I uttered Lahore Da Pawa, I felt energized and strong.

Take a look at how the famous slogan:

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He quickly gained popularity on Pakistani Twitter. Internet fans continue to appreciate his work by using his voiceovers in their videos and using the catchphrase in memes. They have even sought an interview with him on Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan television program due to their obsession with him.

Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa: Why He Going Viral
Did you know that Akhtar Lawa may have been arrested before? This footage of him was recorded by someone when he was being detained by law enforcement.

And Akhtar Lawa’s adherents are not just Pakistanis. Even a Norwegian replicated his slogan and striking motion, demonstrating his crazy internet popularity!

This merely goes to show that becoming well-known online is possible without much ability or specialized expertise.


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