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Leopard in Trap Died of Heart Attack in AJK Jhelum Valley

A common leopard died of a heart attack in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a common leopard that was trapped and kept there died of heart attack.

The huge cat stepped on a trap in Haryala, a mountain village close to Patikka, according to wildlife officials who spoke with the journal.

Although it managed to free itself, the animal was stuck hanging upside down for several hours.

The tragedy was discovered by rescuers on Sunday morning, and although five workers made an attempt to save the leopard, it passed away at midday.

According to the postmortem report, the leopard’s prolonged entrapment resulted in hypovolemic shock, or cardiac arrest, which ultimately caused its death.

The common leopard, Panthera pardus, is seriously threatened in many areas of its habitat, and residents of Azad Kashmir and other mountainous regions used to set traps to catch wild boars.

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