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Let’s Know How Actress Treat Their Colleagues; Noman Khan Reveals

Makeup artist Noman Khan addresses mistreatment of Pakistani actress.

The Makeup artist Noman Khan talked about his conversation with the Feminine Celebrity without taking the name. He has additionally discussed exactly how stars used their capacity to snatch someone’s butter and bread.

Talking about the ill-treatment regarding the actor, makeup singer Noman Khan took his side of the entire story to their Instagram, he said, “Recently a celebrity (we won’t name her), had been managing me personally disrespectfully.”

He continued, “I talked to her and said that you will be upset with me and we can type this thing out, after reading myself, she began screaming at me and also warned the production residence, she stated that she won’t give dates if they would employ me. it seems”

Like her always cries for Celebrity energy and this is how they (the anonymous celebrity) utilize the star energy for him, it is okay, as by that time only two days of work had been kept but he wants to say that this will be celebrity energy and actors.

“I’ve worked difficult on that Woman, I have invested my time in her but now she’s behaving like this, I would like to tell stars and manufacturers to love and admire the specialists, the actors won’t stay he stated to you however the specialists would.

He added, “These actors don’t also consider administrators. In line with the singer, these actors should admire the creative art as well as the industry. Many people maintained that the artist was speaking about Durrefishan Saleem and some named Rabya.

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