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Literacy Rate in Village of Rajanpur is 100%

Rasulpur: The literacy rate is 100% and the crime rate is negligible.

About 10,000 people live in Rajanpur Rasulpur village, which was founded in 1933. All the inhabitants of the village, children, old people, youth and women, are educated. There is not a single illiterate here. The majority of residents are doctors, and they hold other senior positions including PhDs, pilots, engineers and teachers.

Farming is also an important life occupation for the villagers, and they work together to solve problems, whether related to development or otherwise. Not a single FIR has been registered against this community so far.

With your help, the villagers have turned the village into a shining example for others. The community is kept clean, and there are no paan or cigarette shops. Here marriages are also conducted simply, there is no concept of dowry.

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