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Mahira Khan also shared pictures of her mayun

Mahira Khan shares wedding Mayun photos and blessings on Instagram.

In an Instagram message yesterday, Mahira Khan promised her followers that she would soon post more pictures of the wedding celebrations of Mayun etc.

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The actress blessed her mother with beautiful words in the description of the pictures.

He added, My mother wanted my marriage to start with good prayers, my beautiful mother who is in a wheelchair, people think she can’t do much but the reality is she can do a lot.

They sat and decorated the house and made other preparations, and they were ready on time, Mahira said, Alhamdulillah, for our parents.

The actress said, Alhamdulillah for the friends I can call my sisters.

Before going down, Mahira Khan added, ‘I had bought cataract flowers for my grandmother and put them in the earrings that I wore in my ears.

From the pictures, it can be seen that Mahira wore a yellow traditional Mayun dress and a gold color churidar pajama with an off-white Hyderabadi kurta for Dua Khair.

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