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Major (r) Adil Raja is Defamed and Charged a Case in The UK High Court

Major (r) Adil Raja is Defamed and Charged a Case in The UK High Court

In a drastic shift, a senior Pakistani military officer filed a slander and wrecks lawsuit against a UK-based YouTuber & ex-army officer before the London High Court for waging a vicious assault against him.

The current director of Punjab’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) filed a case against Adil Raja with the UK High Court in August 2022, but only recently made it public after Adil Raja stirred outrage in Pakistan with his allegations that he geared eminent actresses in film and television.

As per allegations obtained from the local media, Major (r) Raja charged the active duty military brigadier with election rigging against the PTI, dealmaking for General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, and arranging covert meetings with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari to sway Punjab by-elections.

Major (r) Adil Raja retorted to the press reports by saying that the court has reviewed his decent assault and information and will make a decision about the legal scope of the first case.

Major (r) Adil Raja, a veteran spokesperson for the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society, prompted significant a sensation when he alleged that the powerful establishment in the state had been using select celebrities as “honey traps.

Major (r) Adil Raja is Defamed and Charged a Case in The UK High Court

Earlier In the event of character assassination, other actresses, including Kubra Khan, opted to sue him. The actress Kubra Khan answers to the recent scandal by requesting Adil Raja to back up his claims against her character within three days, failing which she will initiate a lawsuit, whether he is in Pakistan or England.

Actress Sajal Aly responded to unsubstantiated claims made against her and her coworkers by an ex-serviceman, Major (R) Adil Raja.

The actresses’ images and accusations sparked a social media uproar. Major (r) Adil Raja was criticized by netizens for uttering such lewd claims against the actresses. In defense of himself, he maintained that he never had the actresses’ complete identification and criticized the defamation of the women.

The renowned Pakistani actresses responded angrily to the obvious character assassination. Actress Kubra Khan even made an announcement that she will sue Major (r) Adil Raja for making untrue statements against her.

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