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Many KP School teachers have not received salaries in Nearly Half Year

Many KP School teachers have not received salaries in Nearly Half Year

Thousands of unpaid teachers work in hundreds of double-shift schools.

Details indicate that over the past five months, the Elementary and Secondary Education Department of KP has not paid school teachers’ salaries at 1,443 double-shift schools located in 27 districts of the province. In order to enrol out-of-school children and relieve some of the strain on the province’s already overloaded public schools, the KP government established double-shift schools.

In March, almost 3,000 teachers were hired to work in these institutions. For these schools in settled districts, the province government had allotted Rs. 110 million, and for schools in merging districts, it had allotted Rs. 35 million. They begin by instructing pupils during the morning shift, and they continue with this during the evening shift as well. These double-shift schools have about 43,000 students enrolled. The future of these kids doesn’t seem promising because the teachers aren’t getting paid.

One of the unpaid instructors claimed that the majority of them simultaneously pursue their M Phil and PhD degrees concurrently with teaching. It is quite challenging to maintain the enthusiasm necessary to instruct the students without compensation.

Class teachers (CT), secondary school teachers (SST), secondary school subject specialists (SS), and primary school teachers (PST) were all engaged at a set monthly pay of Rs. 22,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 28,000, and Rs. 30,000, respectively. The salary for March, April, and May were paid out by the provincial government in May. The salary for June, July, August, September, and October have not yet been paid, nevertheless.

During the first week of September, a group of unpaid teachers met with Shahram Khan Tarakai, the KP Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education, who gave them the assurance that their salaries will be paid by the end of the month. The teachers have not yet received their pay, nevertheless.



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