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Maula Jatt’s Gandasa Sold for $50,000 at Toronto Auction

Maula Jatt Gandasa replica from “Story of Maula Jatt” sold for $50,000

Lashari Productions, Encyclomedia, and Geo Films produced The Story of Maula Jatt. Actor Fawad Khan auctioned off a replica of his renowned Maula Jatt’s Gandasa from the movie at a charity event sponsored by the Sahara Trust in Toronto, Canada,.

At a charity function in Toronto, Canada, the actor from Muala Jutt and another actor, Mikaal Zulfiqar, were there. In support of Fawad Khan, the stadium was entirely packed.

Even though it was quite cold outside, they came to support their favourite actor.

Our very own Maula Jatt aka Fawad Khan presented the kind Pakistani with a duplicate of Maula Jatt’s Gandasa that was auctioned off at the charity event for a whooping $50,000.

Maula Jatt and his Gandasa once again have a devoted fan base thanks to the success of “The Legend of Maula Jatt,” which is now Pakistan’s largest movie.

Following Fawad Khan’s use of it, a weapon that was popular during Sultan Rahi’s time has gained new admirers among current age.

Nothing can stop Pakistanis from giving and doing whatever is within their ability because they are a very giving people. It is important to note that Sahara For Life, a trust dedicated to promoting education and treatment for cancer sufferers, will get the earnings.

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