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McDonald’s Workers Report Routine Sexual Harassment at Work

Reports suggest issues of assault, harassment, bullying at McDonald’s.

More than 100 current and former employees of the fast-food business McDonald’s in the UK have reportedly accused it of harassment them, according to exclusive news from the BBC.

According to the allegation, harassing and groping of employees, some as young as 17, occurs frequently. Following the BBC findings, McDonald’s has announced the opening of a new email hotline, admitting that it “fell short” and extending its sincere apologies.

It further said that every worker had a right to an inclusive, safe, and respectful workplace.

Following the company’s signing of a legally binding agreement with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in which it promised to safeguard its employees from sexual harassment, the working conditions inquiry against McDonald’s started in February 2023.

McDonald’s argued at the time that “We already have a strong track record in this area.” The research, however, made clear the opposite side of the narrative.

The BBC contacted McDonald’s employees over a five-month period to inquire about their experiences working there. 31 sexual assault complaints and 78 sexual harassment claims were among the more than 100 claims made by employees with whom we spoke.

The news organisation also received 18 claims of racism and six claims of homophobia.

Employees at many McDonald’s locations in the UK alleged that supervisors were to blame for the harassment and attacks.

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