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Messi Face was Imprinted on an Argentine Cornfield


Messi World Cup triumph immortalized in Argentina with murals, tattoo.

An algorithm was used to sow the seeds in the Los Condores field in the province of central Cordoba so that when the corn sprouted, it would produce a massive image of Messi beard.

As a celebration of the squad’s victory, their first World Cup since Diego Maradona captained the team in 1986, crop farmer Maximiliano Spinazze declared, “For me Messi is unbeatable.”

“I’m thrilled that planting the crop can now express their status as world winners.”

devoted to soccer The third-largest maize exporter in the world is a country in South America, a significant agricultural producer. Although football may be its biggest claim to fame, farming is the country’s largest export industry.Messi's Face was Imprinted on an Argentine Cornfield

A farming engineer named Carlos Faricelli created the programming for the seed-sowing machinery that allowed them to plant the seeds in an exact manner to produce the final image, with some places having more germs per square inch than others.

He said that he had afterward made the code available for any farmers “who dared to plant it.” “I got the notion to design a code that goes in the seeders with Messi’s visage as a tribute,” he said.

According to Faricelli, the technology uses geocoding techniques to determine how much seed per square meter needs to be place in specific locations to produce contrast for various areas of Messi’s face.

Consequently, when this corn grows and an aerial photograph is taken, where the plants are closer together and the ground is less visible, a more intense green contrasts with fewer plants, and this type of agriculture art is formed.


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