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Minal Khan’s Baby Shower, Shared Beautiful Snaps

Aiman Khan and others make Minal Khan baby shower; viral picture’s.

Details claim that Minal Khan’s, who began her career in show business as a child star, and her twin sister Aiman Khan attended the baby shower.

Aiman and Minal Khan received many well wishes from users of social media. In a lovely ceremony, Minal had wed Ahsan Mohsin Ikram.

This prominent showbiz couple has shared lots of personal moments with their followers over the years.

First-time parents Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and Minal Khan are expecting a child. A baby shower ceremony was held on this particular occasion at Minal Khan home.

The baby shower ceremony included participation from other friends. A while back, Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram also traveled to Nepal.

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