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Mobile App Launched for Complaints of Stray Dogs

A mobile app has been launched to handle complaints about stray dogs.

An mobile app for reporting stray dogs in Karachi has been developed, according to the project director of the Anti-Rabies Control Program, and it will be released following Ramadan. The city’s helpline for the same problem has become operational again.

Additionally, the dog bite reporting hotline, 1093, has become operational again.

This was disclosed to the Sindh High Court today during the hearing of a case involving stray dogs and the lack of an anti-rabies vaccination.

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In a written response to the court, the Project Director Anti-Rabies Control Program indicated that the dog bite incidence reporting hotline, 1093, had also been reactivated.

The response states that between January 2022 and March 2024, over 19,000 canines received vaccinations, four districts established rabies control centers, and regulations were created to manage the city’s expanding stray dog population.

Additionally, it was announced that dog population control centers will be set up in each of the province’s districts. It also stated that a notification to set up dog population control centers in each region had been sent out on February 29.

Additionally, a smartphone app has been developed for reporting stray dog complaints and bite instances. After Ramadan, the public will be able to access the app again.

According to the newspaper, residents can report stray pets by providing their address and photo. According to the article, stray canines are currently being vaccinated.

Hearings were postponed by the supreme court until May 4.

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