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Nora Fatehi Important Revelation about Offering Prayers

Dancer Nora Fatehi made an important revelation regarding the performance of prayers.

Well-known Bollywood dancer and actress Nora Fatehi shocked everyone when she spoke about her strong connection with Islam and the importance of prayers in daily life.

Nora said in an interview that prayer is like meditation in that it allows followers to connect with their Creator and find inner peace.

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When asked in an interview about prayer, Nora replied, “Yes, when you connect with your Creator, you experience a spiritual and mental transformation.”

Nora Fatehi continued by saying that only a person who prays five times a day can truly describe her beauty.

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Nora said that the time of prayer is when you leave everything and bow before your creator and thank him.

He admitted that due to his busy schedule, he is not able to perform five daily prayers.

He remarked that since we are all sinners and sin throughout the day, now is the time to reconnect with God and try to cleanse the sin.

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