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PAK-US Relationships Trying to Improve: PM

PAK-US Relationships Trying to Improve: PM

PM Shehbaz Sharif questions need to strain US relations, PAK-US ties.

The prime minister claimed, to harm relations with the PAK-US was equivalent to “aa bail mujhe maar,” an apparent reference to his predecessor. Imran Khan’s assertions that he was removed through a foreign conspiracy (inviting trouble).

The prem prime ministerier was speaking at the National Police Academy at the passing out parade ceremony for the 48th Specialized Training Programme of the Pakistani Police Service.

“Now that we must coexist with the rest of the world, we are attempting to repair the relationships. Please make an effort to comprehend that by going there with a “kashkol” (begging bowl), we are now inviting difficulties, he begged.

This is what you call politics and service.

PM continued, “Do you?”

He claimed that the police were crucial in putting an end to terrorism. and that the sacrifices made by police officers would not be in vain.

He said that the Punjab Science Agency and the Counter-Terrorism Department were role-model agencies that needed to emulate in other parts of the nation.

Prime minister Shehbaz Sharif congratulated all cadets who earned awards in their separate study fields and expressed his appreciation for the growth of the nation that the women’s police force had importantly contributed to.

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