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Pakistan Army Shot down an Indian Spy Drone on LoC

Pakistan Army shot down an Indian Army spy drone on Line of Control.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), the spy drone of the Indian Army was spying on Pakistani territory.

ISPR says, after the downing of the quadcopter, the Pakistan Army started searching for its remains and on February 26, the remains of the quadcopter were found in Pakistani territory.

Security sources further claim that the quadcopter bears the unit marking of an Indian Army unit, proving its Indian Army affiliation.

It should be remembered that Pakistan Army has shot down several Indian spy drones before.

The incident underscores the persistent tensions and security concerns in the region and adds to the history of hostilities between the armed forces of enemy nations, particularly along the contested LoC zone.

The setback that the Indian Air Force (IAF) suffered in the Pulwama event against the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is causing resentment among Indians.

The Air Force is well known for its remarkable operational and technological prowess, which is supported by a strong national commitment.

Many were concerned that the two nuclear-armed nations may go to war when IAF aircraft violated Pakistani airspace five years ago.

The Pakistani military shot down two Indian Air Force fighter planes and killed the pilot of a MiG-21 jet that had crashed inside Pakistani territory after the Indian invasion.

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