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Pakistan can Now Open Freelancer Digital Account in Rupees and Dollars

Pak Software Export Board and Bank of Punjab launch Freelance Account.

Freelancers will be able to open a digital account in both dollars and rupees with this feature.

Now freelancers in Pakistan can make the most out of a digital account, it will give them good job opportunities.

In addition to Bank of Punjab President and CEO Zafar Masood, senior officials, and a sizable number of independent contractors, Syed Junaid Imam, a member of the IT Department, attended the event hosted at a nearby hotel in Islamabad as a special guest, according to media sources.

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Syed Junaid Imam said during the event that independent contractors can now open accounts in dollars and rupees from their houses. He also stressed the importance of the role of freelancers in the development of the IT sector and said that the country’s IT exports are expected to reach $15 billion.

To reach the $15 billion target set by the Pakistani prime minister, he suggested that commercial banks offer facilities and their banking products to IT companies and independent contractors. In this sense, the IT Ministry is already doing its duty.

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