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Pakistan Reports the First Case of Most Infectious Omicron Variant

Pakistan Reports the First Case of Most Infectious Omicron Variant

NIH and AKU confirmed a highly infectious Omicron strain subvariant.

XBB, one of the three strains of the Omicron variety wreaking havoc in China, has reportedly been discovered in Pakistan, according to reports from the NIH and AKU.

The reports claimed that NIH routinely performs genome sequencing on Coronavirus samples, citing a senior NIH official.

Due to Pakistan’s low rate of coronavirus positive, however, there are only a few samples available for sequencing.

The representative clarified that the nation is not currently at imminent risk of a fresh Coronavirus wave. However, NIH constantly keeps an eye on the situation and is ready for anything.

Separately, AKU officials claimed that Pakistan has not yet discovered the other two strains, including the most hazardous BF.7 subvariant of the Omicron variant, dominant in China.

However, Dr Faisal Mehmood of AKU issued a warning that BF.7 might be spreading throughout the nation. Pakistanis have, however, grown more resistant to the Coronavirus than Chinese people because of a combination of immunisations.

Due to the lack of travel restrictions intended to stop the spread of BF.7 into Pakistan, Dr Faisal Sultan, a former SAPM on health, has asserted that Pakistan may already be infected.

The BF.7 strain has not spread to Pakistan, according to Prof. Saeed Khan, leading molecular scientist and professor of pathology at Karachi’s Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS).

There would have been a noticeable increase in Coronavirus cases if it had been found in the nation.

He continued by saying that BF.7 is highly contagious, innate and acquired immunity are easily overcome. Up to 20 individuals can contract the BF.7 virus from a single infected host.

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