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90-Years-Old Pak-Hind Wedding Card Gone Viral

90-Years-Old Pak-Hind Wedding Card Gone Viral

The wedding invitations have evolved from old to modern in 90 years.

The 90-years-old Urdu invitation was scrawled and shared on Twitter by Karachi-based fashion designer Sonya Battla in a photo. It was created in 1933 for the Delhi wedding of her grandparents. Since it was tweeted on December 30, the image of the straightforward invitation has received over 9,000 likes and hundreds of retweets.

Besides this, a 90-years-old viral wedding card written in Urdu that was just released by Twitter user Sonia Batla from Karachi when penning her grandfather’s 90-years-old wedding invitation is presently being discussed on social media.

Sonia declared in a tweet that the wedding card for her grandparents was written in Delhi the year of the wedding, 1933.

As stated by a Twitter user who translated this 90-years-old invitation, Muhammad Ibrahim wrote it for his son Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf’s wedding, which was set for April 23, 1933.

Ibrahim recommends that guests meet at his residence on Qasim Jan Street in Delhi so that they can proceed with the family to the bride’s home in Kishan Ganj. The translation states that the baraat, or the groom’s wedding party, was scheduled to depart at 11 am. Ibrahim adds a veiled appeal for his guests to be on time before signing off on the letter, stating, “Your punctuality will make me comfortable.”

For the nuptials of his son Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf, which were slated for April 23, 1933, Niazmand Ibrahim invited the guests to Gali Qasim Jan during the wedding feast. A Valima has also extended an invitation to him for April 24, 1933.

Many individuals who commented on Battla’s tweet mentioned that the groom’s home is close to that of renowned poet Mirza Ghalib. A Twitter user echoed this by writing, “Your ancestors were Mirza Ghalib’s neighbors:) Gali Qasim Jan. Mohalla was unique, though.

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