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Pakistani Student Got 29 Gold Medals in MBBS

Pakistani Student Got 29 Gold Medals in MBBS

Hafiz Waleed Malik set record, bag 29 gold medals as top MBBS student.

Waleed who brought home 29 gold medals discussed his path and the fundamental guidelines he adhered to throughout the five years it took to complete his Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery degree in an exclusive conversation with Daily Pakistan.

Waleed, who was joined by his parents, said those who want to become doctors must be voracious readers and put in a lot of effort. After a full day of studying, he claimed that he only had a few hours to sleep or relax. His enthusiasm, however, has kept him going through years of boring routines.

Waleed, a memorizer of the holy Quran, recalls receiving honor from Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, who is also a dedicated physician who has engraved her name in history for achievements.

However, Waleed’s father, a chartered accountant by profession, stated that he tried to educate his children on a variety of values. He expressed his thankfulness to Almighty Allah for teaching his children to respect the old and to treat children with kindness.

The MBBS graduate scored extraordinarily well, earning above 85% marks in all of the disciplines’ thesis, practical, and oral exams. A female King Edwards medical college MBBS student previously held the record with 23 gold medals.

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