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Pakistani student sets world record: Bachelor’s degree in 1.5 years

Pakistani Student Sets World Record by Completing a 3.5-Years Bachelor's Degree in 1.5 Years In Finland

Student achieves world record, completing 3.5-year bachelor degree.

Shahzaib Waheed, a Pakistani Master’s Student abroad, apparently completed his undergraduate bachelor’s at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Finland and make a World Record.

On social media, his accomplishment has received a large amount of praise, and many young adults have praised him for raising the country and its people.

It is important to mention that Pakistani students have had a great year for a while because Dr. Waleed Malik, a recent MBBS graduate Student from Ameeruddin Medical College in Lahore, recently received 29 gold medals.

Dr. Waleed also received an Rs. 200,000 check from Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel in honor of his accomplishment.

Dr. Waleed stated that while he initially struggled, with time and consistent work and effort, he was capable of changing the tide and finding success in his academic career. He accepted that studying for the MBBS viewed many challenges, but that his persistence paid off in the end.

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