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Pakistani Surgeon Sets World Record in Robotic Surgery

Lahore: Kidney-Liver Institute pioneered robotic surgery in Pakistan.

As a result of the development of robotic surgery, the practise of medicine has undergone a revolutionary change that allows surgeons to operate in places where human hands could not previously reach.

Expert surgeons performed the first kidney operation with the support of a robot successfully, marking a significant milestone that will allow for many more to be carried out each month.

At London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Dr. Raza lead a team of surgeons who set a new record for the most complex gynaecology operations ever performed in two days. This included performing 12 major operations in one day while also utilising cutting-edge robotic technology.

In addition to carrying out the surgeries, Amer Raza, a Multan native and alumnus of Nishtar Medical College, achieved a world record by carrying out 12 major surgeries in a single day.

Numerous operations are now being performed by robots worth crores of rupees with the help of skilled doctors.

Dr. Nadeem Nusrat, the head of the urology division at the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute, claims that robotic surgery will not only save time but also money.

Less of the patient’s body is affected during the treatment, therefore they can anticipate quicker recovery durations.

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