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Pakistan’s Tallest Man, Passes Away in Saudi Arabia

Former world’s tallest man, Pakistani Ghulam Shabbir, dies in Jeddah.

At seven feet eight inches tall, Ghulam Shabbir stood out. In 1980, Ghulam Shabbir was born. He was crowned the tallest man in the world from 2000 to 2006.

In addition, the Guinness Book of World Records has his name on it.

He also contributed to Saudi comedy serials. Ghulam Shabbir felt a strong bond with Saudi Arabia.

According to today latest news available today, the world’s tallest man and his friend, the world’s shortest man, visited Saudi Arabia in June 2012 and met with representatives of the civil defense and other government agencies.

Before continuing their tour of the world’s leading oil power, Ghulam Shabbir and Kumar Ali, who are both from Pakistan, accepted gifts from the Saudi civil defense in the southern town of Baha.

Other media outlets did not disclose the duration of their stay in Saudi Arabia and their plans to visit other Gulf nations.

Shabbir, 30, is a resident of Punjab and stands 2.55 meters tall, making him the tallest person alive according to the Guinness Book of Records.

170 kg is his weight. Shabbir, who visited the Kingdom the previous year, expressed a desire to see the tomb of Hatem Al-Ta’e, a well-known historical Arab figure renowned for his extreme hospitality and generosity. He remarked, “I heard he was very tall.”

According to Pakistan news today, Shabbir’s manager, Qamruddin Ansari, stated that he grew up in Sangra, a village near Faisalabad, relying mainly on agriculture.

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