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People kept making videos of wife during Tawaf, Shahid Afridi

Despite a halt, videos were made of Shahid Afridi’s wife during Tawaf.

Former cricketer Shahid Afridi said during a broadcast on a private channel that he stopped the videos maker of his wife during Tawaf and even took away her phone, but she did not obey. And then apologized because they were in God’s house.

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Further, according to Shahid Afridi, people who secretly make videos in public places or airports are not bad, but people who make videos in holy places despite being against the law, it is very sad. Because of social media, there is no more privacy in the private lives of individuals.

Shahid Afridi lamented that despite the fact that everyone knows that he does not post about his personal life on social media, people still try to make videos of his family which are Very inappropriate.

Shahid Afridi said that although he is not against social media, it should be used responsibly. In the rural areas of Pakistan, the spread of education did not reach, but Wi-Fi did. Everyone should know what is right and what is wrong when using social media, and use it appropriately.

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