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Agha Mustafa was contemplating suicide before the drama Tere Bin

Agha Mustafa found hope with the offer for “Tere Bin” amid struggles.

On a private TV morning show, Agha Mustafa recently spoke in depth about the difficulties he was facing in finding work despite consistently producing hit dramas. The actor revealed that he did not get any work for two years after which he was very sad and suicidal when he got an offer to act in the popular drama Tere Bin.

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The actor said that within a short time of entering the industry, I have done successful projects like Ek Thi Maryam, Sange Mar Mar and Kesa Hai Naseeban. But there came a time when no one was giving them work in the industry.

He also discussed industry lobbying and said that he does not care about it as he is confident that he will get what he wants. Instead of trusting other people, they trust only Allah.

Never asked myself for work in the industry

According to Agha Mustafa, he never asked any kind of favor from any director or co-actor. He used to cry and pray and after two years of not getting work continuously, he became so frustrated that he started thinking about taking his own life.

But I believed that Allah provides sustenance, said Agha Mustafa. The invitation to act in the drama serial Tere Bin came at that time, and I accepted without reading the script because I had to work for the house anyway. There were bills to pay.

The actor said that after filming a few scenes of the drama, he saw that there is a lot of energy in both the drama and his character. As a result, he worked harder on the project, and the play was very successful, leading to offers for other plays.

He said that after doing continuous hit projects for the last two years of his life, he developed an ego which has now completely disappeared and perhaps Allah wanted to teach me a lesson like this.

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