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Peshawar Student Commits Suicide After Failing to Pass the MDCAT Exam

Failing MDCAT thrice, Islamia College Peshawar student commit suicide.

Details reveal the student, a Parachinar native studying zoology at Islamia College Peshawar, committed suicide after failing MDCAT on his third attempt. It’s worth noting that KPK administered the MDCAT exam for the second time on Sunday due to the discovery of cheating during the initial test.

On November 27, the deceased student allegedly took aluminum phosphate after failing the medical college admission exam on his third try.

The deceased’s roommate discovered him in critical condition in the room and notified the warden, according to the provost of the college. He passed away at the Khyber Teaching Hospital early on Tuesday morning, despite the doctors’ best efforts to save his life. According to the father of the deceased, his son ended his own life after failing the test on his third try.

The results of the MDCAT were previously released by Khyber Medical University Peshawar. Six students, with a combined score of 192, took first place. Similarly, five students, each with 191 marks, shared the second place.

The MDCAT results showed that 75% of candidates passed, indicating that most test-takers performed admirably. 34,852 of the 46,218 registered students took the test, and 11,366 did not show up.

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