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Petrol Prices in Pakistan Increased at Breaking Records

Pakistan Faces Record High Petrol Prices Due to the Government Hikes.

The Ministry of Finance stated in a press release late on Wednesday that the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee is to blame for the increasing petrol prices in Pakistan.

The new price of gasoline after the increase of Rs. 22.20 per litre will be Rs. 272 per litre.

Similarly to that, the cost of high-speed diesel has increased by Rs. 17.20 per litre to Rs. 280 per litre. Beginning on February 16, the revised prices will be in effect.

Kerosene currently costs Rs. 202.73 per litre after an additional increase of Rs. 12.90 per litre.

Light diesel oil will now cost Rs. 196.68 per litre after an increase of Rs. 9.68 in price.

Last month, the government ordered an immediate hike in the price of gasoline and diesel by Rs. 35 per litre, only days before the fortnightly review of petroleum prices.

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