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Police Expose Scammer to Operating Bank Account Fake Id Cards.

Karachi Police recover scam: Funds withdrawn using a bank accounts ID.

Police Expose Scammer that they including in Bank Account employee implicated in the fraud, were detained by the Police reported that they targeted bank accounts with millions of rupees that had been dormant for years.

Officials said that the accused used to withdraw money from abroad in the name of the unregistered organizations in an account that is unused.

According to the police, all the information in this group was provided by the bank that is senior, the bank employee would identify accounts which were not been used for while other gang members used to withdraw money by creating fictitious identity cards and other documentation for these accounts over a long period of time.

Another Crime Report in Karachi

Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) research claims that between mid-January 2022 and mid-September 2022, there was an increase in the number of street criminal events in Karachi.

In the city over the last eight months of this year, street crime has resulted in a total of 71 deaths and close to 300 injuries.

Almost 12 citizens lost their lives over resistance to their mugging bids in different parts of the city in the month that is ongoing.

The CPLC has recorded a significant increase in incidents of mobile phone and motorcycle snatching, and vehicle theft compared to the corresponding period year that is last.

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