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Police Find ‘No Proof’ of Rape in Artistic Milliners Case

Police Find ‘No Proof’ of Rape in Artistic Milliners Case


KARACHI: Senior Superintendent of the Police, Korangi, has recently issued a press release in which the cops claimed of finding no proof of rape against employees of Artistic Milliners.

SDPO conducted an investigation and reported that no proof of any allegations leveled by web channel Dhoom Plus was found. It was an attempt to defame a company’s reputation by Sagir Buledi, a press reporter. 

According to the statement by the Korangi Association of Trade & Industry, the web channel initiated fake propaganda against Artistic Milliners, and they demanded strict action against them.

According to the statement of KATI (Korangi Association of Trade and Industry), the web channel and the said press reporter spread fake news against the private company and strict action should be taken against it. Besides this, an investigation is underway, regarding the case.

As we all know the hashtag ‘Artistic Milliners Rape Case’ has been trending on Twitter. As per multiple tweets, it has been reported {that a} female employee of Artistic Milliners has been allegedly raped by over 20 men inside the office premises.

The employee who works at Unit 4 of the factory was allegedly asked to work additional time after which she was drugged before being raped in the HR jurisdiction by 20-22 men throughout the night.

She was later tortured as burning cigarettes were put on her bare skin. As per the tweets, she struggled to leave the building at 6 am, however, passed away outside the workplace premises. Another tweet claimed that she was killed after she was raped. However, the facts of the case are still not verified.   

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