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Precautions for diabetes and heart disease patients

Patients with diabetes and heart disease should take special care during Ramadan.

According to medical experts, patients with diabetes and heart disease can observe all the fasts of Ramadan, but it is important that they follow their doctor’s instructions.

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Although many patients do not benefit from the blessings of this holy month due to ignorance, but fasting is a month of forgiveness, mercy and blessings.

Patients with diabetes and heart disease can also fast during the fasting month if they follow their doctor’s instructions in advance and follow a balanced diet, prescription medications and exercise extreme caution.

According to Dr. Sajid Ali Khan, diabetic patients should avoid artificially sweetened drinks, cold drinks and excessively sweet foods.

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He said that during Ramadan, patients should drink fresh fruit juice and take their medicines between iftar and suhoor according to the instructions of their doctors.

According to him, people suffering from heart problems should eat light food and avoid eating outside chicken.

According to experts, people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases can prolong their fast by eating healthy food.

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