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PTI’s Rawalpindi March: EX-PM Khan Gives Tasks to Central, Provincial

PTI’s Rawalpindi March: EX PM Imran Khan Gives Tasks to Central, Provincial Officials

Khan assigns key tasks to officials ahead of PTI’s Nov 2 long march.

Details indicate that the EX PM met with party officials from the national and provincial levels and gave them goals for preparing for the “largest” public march in Rawalpindi March.

Imran Khan stated that the “Azadi March” was nearing a turning point during his speech. He continued, “Political awareness is growing, and the country is completely mobilised for real freedom and its rights.

The PTI chairman stated that the government’s attempt to stifle the party’s movement “through persecution and fascism” failed. On November 26, he vowed to “command the largest public gathering in history.”

He gave the party leaders instructions to prepare caravans from all over the nation and set up the means of transportation. He continued, “Through the constitutional and democratic battle, we shall obtain freedom.

Imran Khan requested that party members and supporters arrive in Rawalpindi on November 26 a day earlier. He instructed party members and sympathisers to come in Rawalpindi between noon and one o’clock. He said, “I’ll meet you there.”

Try to arrive between 1-2 pm, you [workers and supporters]. The PTI Chairman continued, “I will personally address and provide the next plan of action. There is no other way to resolve the issues facing the nation other than new and fair elections.

EX-prime minister

EX-prime minister urged his supporters to turn out and compelled the government to call for snap elections by stating that “we can never attain real freedom by sitting at home.”

He also slammed the current administration for its “failed economic policies,” claiming that it lacks a strategy or roadmap for rescuing the nation from its current woes.

In response to the query “What Pakistan has achieved by regime transition in the last seven months,” he added: “Why they were them on the country.”

Imran Khan added that at this time, the country cannot afford to remain impartial. I don’t need to risk my life or leave, but I’ve known since I was little that death is preferable to servitude.



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