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PTV to Bring ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ Back Following 29 Years

PTV to Bring 'Ainak Wala Jin' Back Following 29 Years

PTV to bring back the fondly remembered 90s program “Ainak Wala Jin”.

Children were attracted to their televisions while the performance was broadcast from 1993 to 2002, a period of almost ten years.

It was also one of PTV’s most popular shows and continues to occupy a very special place in Pakistanis’ hearts.

“I recently spoke with some PTV officials at the Lahore station and they expressed their desire to revive the show on the mini-screen,” said Haseeb Pasha, who played the role of Hamoon Jadugar in it, to Dawn News. Ainak Wala Jin are he claimed that because a whole generation had grown up watching it, it was associated with the overwhelming memories of that generation.

PTV to Bring 'Ainak Wala Jin' Back Following 29 Years

Haseeb Pasha attributed the popular series’ 2002 cancellation to a lack of interest on the part of the producers and other PTV stakeholders. He added that Hafeez Tahir, the show’s originator, producer, and writer, had a keen interest in its creation but that no one had bothered to continue the production after Tahir’s retirement.

The updated series, according to Haseeb Pasha, has been in development at the Alhamra Arts Centre on The Mall in Lahore since February 2022. A puppet theatre was recently integrated into the production .Samina Ahmed, a TV producer and actor who once served as the Lahore Arts Council’s deputy director of programmes, introduced this puppet theatre thirty years ago. Children predominately attend the combined entertainment of Ainak Wala Jin and Putli Tamasha, which draws sizable crowds to Alhamra every Sunday.

PTV Lahore created and aired the children’s television programme Ainak Wala Jin in Pakistan. Due to its humour and fanciful plot, it was very well-liked by kids in the 1990s.


Hafeez Tahir described the concept as a synthesis of science fiction, fantasy, and reality.

PTV to Bring 'Ainak Wala Jin' Back Following 29 Years

The protagonist of the tale was a genie who was sent to Earth by the Caucasus Mountains’ genie monarch to cure his vision issues. He begins interacting with people in an interesting way once he starts living among them. He interacts with real-life characters as well as magicians, witches, other genies, and space people. These exchanges result in a very intriguing plot that includes humour, magic, moral lessons, and educational elements for kids.


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