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Punjab Assembly Banned 18 MPAs of PML-N.

Punjab Assambly Baned 18 MPAs of PML-N.

18 PML-N MPA barred from Punjab Assembly for 15 session: Sibtain Khan.

The aforementioned MPAs “raised a hue and cry” when the resolution was being presented, according to the notification given by the Punjab assembly secretariat.

The action was ordered as a result of their alleged misconduct on October 22, when former chief minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was presenting a motion opposing the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) decision to disqualify former premier Imran Khan, and they interfered with the house’s business.

“I (the speaker) requested that they not interfere with the business of the House, but they continued raising slogans, shouting derogatory statements, and blowing whistles,” the statement read.

The chair made several unsuccessful attempts to get the house in order. The statement said that the legislators’ rowdy and blatantly disorderly behavior seriously hindered the assembly‘s ability to perform business.

“I took serious note of the situation and acted as permitted by rule 210 of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 1997 Rules of Procedure when I immediately ordered the aforementioned members to leave the House”.

However, the aforementioned members persisted in impeding the process “the speaker remarked. The speaker had repeatedly asked the MPs to comply, but other members of the parliament had requested that they punished right away.

Banned Legislators

Rahila Naeem (W-356), Zaib-un-Nisa Awan (W-360), Zeeshan Rafique (PP-42), Kanwal Pervaiz Ch. (W-341), G (W-357)Mian Abdul Rauf (PP-138), Sami Ullah Khan (PP-144), Malik Muhammad Waheed (PP-156), Azma Zahid Bukhari (W-333), Rabia Naseem Farooqi (W-351).

Despite the speaker’s repeated requests for the MPs to cooperate, other parliamentarians demanded that they disciplined immediately.

Banned Lawmakers

Waheed (PP-156), Azma Zahid Bukhari (W-333), Rabia Naseem Farooqi (W-351), Rahila Naeem (W-356), Zaib-un-Nisa Awan (W-360) (W-357)Zeeshan Rafique (PP-42), Kanwal Pervaiz Ch. (W-341), G. Mian Abdul Rauf (PP-138), Sami Ullah Khan (PP-144) Malik Muhammad.

The parliamentarians from the PMLN carried anti-PTI signs during the session as a form of protest. They continued to blow whistles and yell slogans despite the speaker’s repeated appeals for them to stop.

Legislators from the PTI, including irrigation minister Muhammad Hashim Dogar, asked that those responsible for the legislators’ improper behavior take action.


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