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Punjab Police requested Jannat Mirza for help

Punjab Police seek assistance from Jannat Mirza & she’s ready to help.

Jannat Mirza, the well-known Tik-Toker who has made a place in the hearts of Pakistanis, has been shown sitting with a senior police official in a viral video.

On this occasion, SSP of Punjab Police Mirza Anjum Kamal said that although our people are very familiar with helpline 1122, but they are not familiar with 1124, because of which I want to tell them that this new helpline is for the good of the people.

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He explained that Jannat Mirza has been asked to inform the public about the helpline, which can be used if your vehicle gets a flat tire while driving, runs out of gas, Or you don’t feel safe in an area. So, dial this helpline immediately, and police officers will come to your aid.

It should be noted that Jannat Mirza’s father Mirza Anjum Kamal is the police officer with whom she is seen in the above video.

While people are appreciating this initiative for public awareness campaign, the Tik Tok actress is being criticized and this video has gone viral on social media.

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