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Rakhi Sawant was blessed with Umrah

Rakhi Sawant completes Umrah in Makkah and shares her joy with fans.

Actress Rakhi Instagram account is trending because of the pictures and videos she is uploading about her Umrah.

Three days ago, Actress had announced that she would perform Umrah with her brother Wahid Ali Khan and sister-in-law Shaista Ali Khan.

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The Indian actress earlier shared pictures and videos from Madinah, in which she is seen touching the various doors of Masjid Nabawi with respect and devotion.

In another video, the actress was circumambulating the Kaaba and told her fans that she had performed Umrah.

Last year, Rakhi Sawant converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima while marrying her Muslim friend Adil Khan Durrani.

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