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Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Adil got Married Again

Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband married the Bigg Boss contestant Soumi Khan.

Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Adil Khan has married actress Soumi Khan, who participated as a contestant in the 12th season of the reality show Bigg Boss.

According to Indian media reports, Adil Khan has married Soumi Khan for the second time in the city of Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

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It should be noted that Soumi Khan appeared in the 12th season of Bigg Boss and along with her her elder sister Saba Khan also became a part of the show.

In the show, Soumi Khan’s name was linked with lawyer Romil Chaudhry, who appeared as a contestant in that season, while both referred to each other as good friends.

The questions raised on the friendship of the two were revealed by Saba Khan, the wife of Rumal Chaudhry and Soumi Khan’s sister, appearing in ‘Family Week’, after which the two ended their friendship.

Soumi Khan belongs to a Muslim family whose name is now in circulation as the second wife of Adil Khan.

It should be noted that Adil Khan married Rakhi Sawant on May 29, 2022 after converting to Islam and this was revealed by Rakhi Sawant in 2023. But their marriage was marred by controversy from day one.

Sometimes it was heard that Adil’s family was not accepting Rakhi, sometimes it was heard that Adil Durrani had relationships with other girls as well, due to which their marriage ended and then a series of accusations started from both sides. Due to which Adil was jailed.

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