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Ramadan Package 2024 No Discounts on Three Essential Items

In ramadan package 2024 has no discounts on three essential items.

The government’s Rs 7.5 billion Ramadan aid package for 2024 will no discounts on three essential items at utility retailers. Despite the package announcement, utility store officials verified that sugar, flour, and ghee prices will not be reduced.

According to reports, sugar will stay at Rs 109 per kg for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) participants, while wheat will cost Rs 648 for a 10-kg bag. Ghee will be available for Rs 365 per kilogram

The decision to maintain current prices is based on the fact that rates have already been decreased for BISP beneficiaries.

The assistance package’s distribution, which was scheduled to begin on March 4, has been postponed until March 5.

The Federal Cabinet approved the Rs 7.49 billion Ramadan aid package 2024 on February 22, emphasizing assistance as the holy month approaches.

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The Ministry of Industries has recommended subsidies for BISP users enrolled under PMT-60, with Rs 5 billion already earmarked for the current fiscal year’s Ramzan Relief Package-2024.

The remaining Rs 2.492 billion will be taken from the Prime Minister Relief Package (PMRP) budget.

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) now serves 26.92 million households enrolled under PMT-40. To reach out to more people during Ramzan-2024, the proposal offers shifting subsidies to 19 goods for PMT-60 households, potentially reaching an additional 12.73 million households.

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