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Re-Voting will Today at Some Polling Stations in Pakistan

Today Re-voting will held at few polling stations across the Pakistan.

Re-voting will take place today at a few polling Stations in Pakistan. 26 polling places in Bhakkar Mianwali, the polling places in Sindh district Ghotki, and the polling Stations in other constituencies would all reopen for voting today.

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In the constituencies in which re-polling is taking place today, polling was stopped due to riots on the day of the general elections, now the results of these polling stations will be released within twenty-four hours of polling.

Reportedly, Form No. 48 of 265 constituencies of National Assembly has been issued, which means as soon as stopped.

Polling will resume, including in Bhakkar, the draft notice of elected members of the National Assembly will be available in the Gazette.

However, after hearing the arguments of the lawyers of the parties and hearing more than forty election excuses in a single day, Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja and other members of the Election Commission are issuing orders.

The names of 265 elected candidates for the National Assembly will be published by the Election Commission on any day of the next week in the Gazette of Pakistan.

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