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Russia Deploys Poseidon Torpedoes: Potential for a ‘Nuclear Tsunami

Russian nuclear-armed super torpedoes claims raise Western anxieties.

The latest in a line of superweapons, the nuclear torpedo known as Poseidon capable of causing a tsunami, was produced by the Kremlin, according to the state-run TASS news agency.

This development came as Russia continued to progress militarily in conflict-torn Ukraine

Alarm bells went off for Ukraine and the Western alliance when a recent report suggested that the torpedoes’ crucial testing was finished and that the weapons would soon be transported to the nuclear-powered submarine.

The Poseidon super torpedoes are intended to strike coastal locations, severely contaminating the country’s land with radioactive material

The ‘apocalypse’ weapon has remained mostly unknown, despite experts’ claims that it can destroy an enemy aircraft and strike the shoreline while also causing a deadly nuclear wave in simulation films of modern weapons.

As per reports in international media, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the nuclear torpedo’s great maneuverability and said there are no weapons to resist or destroy it in his speech.

Washington raised an alert about Russian destructive weapons last year, calling them alarming in the midst of the nuclear arms race.


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