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Russian President Putin Record 5th Victory

Russian President Putin won presidential election for record 5th time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has strengthened his grip on power by winning the presidential election for a record fifth time.

Putin has become the longest-ruling leader in Russia’s 200-year history since Joseph Stalin.

The 71-year-old was a former lieutenant colonel of Putin’s KGB. Putin came to power in 1999 and will remain in power for another 6 years.

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On the other hand, America has criticized the presidential elections of Russia and said that the elections were not free.

According to a foreign news agency, the voter turnout in the recent presidential elections in Russia was 67 percent.

Vladimir Putin won with 88 percent of the vote, becoming the most popular Russian leader.

96% of voting took place in Chechnya, while more than 230,000 voters exercised their right to vote at 230 polling stations around the world outside of Russia.

There were four candidates running against President Putin in the three-day poll, one of whom was opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was mysteriously killed in prison.

Yesterday was the third and last day of the three-day election for the eighth president in Russia. Putin cast his vote online from Moscow. To win, the candidate had to get more than 50 percent of the total votes.

It should be noted that Putin won 76% of the votes in the last election. He became the most voted Russian leader in the history of Russia.

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