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Saba Qamar was hoping to marry which Pakistani actor?

Famous actress Saba Qamar revealed the identity of the actor whom she wanted to marry.

Ahsan Khan recently posted a podcast video on YouTube in which he talked about daily life and asked interesting questions to Saba Qamar.

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Ahsan Khan asked Saba that, name the actor who is not married and you would marry him.

Saba Qamar pointed to Ahsan Khan and replied that I had taken Ahsan Khan’s number from someone before entering the world of acting and I used to tell him that I have to work with him only once.

Saba Qamar said that when I worked with Ahsan for the first time after entering showbiz, we had a fight in the beginning but then with the passage of time I fell in love with Ahsan.

The actress revealed that I had to express my love to Ahsan that his wife came into Ahsan Khan’s life and then they got married.

After listening to Saba Qamar’s words, Ahsan Khan said that, I thought that Saba’s relationship was over and she would not marry of her own choice.

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It should be noted that Saba is still a virgin while Ahsan Khan married Fatima in 2008. The couple has two sons and two daughters.

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