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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince to visit Pakistan this Month

Visit of the Saudi Crown Prince, Pakistan is Likely to Receive a $4 Billion Rescue Package

SAUDI Crown Prince MBS to visit Pakistan, seeking $4 billion bailout.

The visit by crown prince Muhammad bin Salman is anticipated to take place on November 21. By the end of this week, Salman’s special security team is most likely to be in Islamabad to examine and approve the security measures.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that Saudi Arabia will invest wisely in Pakistan. Several petroleum deals between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are reportedly being finalized for signature during his excellency’s visit, according to sources.

The creation of a cutting-edge refinery in Gwadar is another project the government is relying on, and it depends on an expected deal that will aid in securing financial support from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and China will jointly fund the refinery, which will be constructed for $10 billion. After the project is finished, the refinery’s operations would initially be managed by Chinese firms, according to sources.

The sources did, however, caution that while everything appeared to be going smoothly thus far, a rise in the political commotion might hinder the KSA crown prince’s visit plans.

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