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Saudi Model Ready to Participate in International Miss Universe

Saudi history, the Saudi model selected for Miss Universe competition.

Under the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid changes in various fields. Under this vision, where films are being openly promoted, now for the first time in Saudi history, that too in Ramadan. The Saudi model has been selected for the Miss Universe pageant.

According to Arab media, 27-year-old model Rumi al-Qahtani, who is known as a beauty pageant and influencer in Saudi Arabia, will now try her luck for Miss Universe and have the “honor” of representing Saudi Arabia in the global beauty pageant.

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This news has been announced by Rumi Al Qahtani on her Instagram account, where she has also uploaded adorable pictures of herself in the Saudi flag with the word Kalima Tayyaba along with the news.

Rumi wrote in her post that I am proud to represent Saudi Arabia for the first time in Miss Universe 2024.

He said that she will be the first woman to go to Miss Universe from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi model has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, while she has also participated in the 2021 Miss Arab World.

On the other hand, Rumi Al Qahtani also participated in the Miss Europe 2023 competition.

Social media users are also criticizing the pictures of the model wearing a bold dress with Saudi Arabia’s Kalma Tayyaba flag.

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