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Services Of Riyazat Ur Rehman For Impoverished and Needy People

Riyazat ur Rehman accelerate social service amid increasing challenge.

Riyazat ur Rehman is a person without any of the name of a notable organization or an extensive and widespread fund, his perseverance or courage are must be admiring.

At this time, when the people are going through the most intense and near inflation, various organizations are working hard to provide serenity to the populace, Riyazat-ur-Rehman from Gulshan e Iqbal E-13 also took a step in this social work.

No matter how big or small, a good deed remains a good deed

He is selling 100 rupees per kg of flour to the needy section of the area with very little resources.

Along with the duty of providing flour, he has also take on the duty of providing chapati of just Rs.10 which is offer after maghrib till 12pm at his stall.

Riyazat Ur Rehman For Impoverished and Needy People

For white-clad and impoverished individuals, he sell milled flour for a reasonable price of Rs. 100 per kg, or Rs. 500 for a bag of 5 kg.

The flour is offered between 4pm and 5pm at their stall

At present the work he is doing is really a good work because at present flour is available for 160, 170 and in some places 180 if he is providing people 100 rupees in terms of flour then it is a magnificent act of jihad and continued generosity or charity.

Riyazat Ur Rehman

Riyazat Sahib has prove by his actions that only by criticizing the governments, the problems are not solve, but if every person plays his role according to his own standards, the problems will not end, but they can definitely be reduce.

This effort of Riyazat ur Rehman is comparable to a drop that, by itself, is powerless but, when combined with others, forms a river.

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