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Several Hotels Destroyed by Collapse of Glacier in Naran

Several hotels were destroyed due to collapse of the glacier in Naran.

According to Kaghan Development Authority DG Muhammad Shabbir Khan, several hotels have been buried by the collapse of an icy glacier on the way from Naran to Saiful Muluk Lake. According to reports, the glacier has also damaged other buildings.

He claimed that the roads in Naran are closed due to the snowstorm, making it impossible to get verified information about the damage. It would be premature to say anything until the team reaches that point.

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DG KDA said that a committee has been formed to assess the damage and will provide all possible assistance to the victims, and an emergency meeting of KDA has been scheduled in view of the current situation.

He announced that as soon as the road is repaired, Naran will help in the rehabilitation of the affected people. Dozens of hotels are reported to have been destroyed by the glacier near Naran. Initial data collection is being done with the support of Finance Department and Tehsil Administration.

According to Amin Al Hassan, deputy director of the Kaghan Development Authority, the area is completely closed due to snowfall in November and December. This time the roads are closed due to snowfall in November and December.

According to him, such incidents are common in this region due to the melting of glaciers at this time of the year. The glacier collapsed two days ago and social media was the first to report the news. Eight hotels have reportedly been affected by the glacier.

According to Aminul Hasan, the Finance Department and Tehsil Administration are getting information about the incident.

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