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462 Social Media Accounts Blocked for Spreading Hate Content

Police blocked 462 social media accounts in spreading hateful content.

The Prevention of Violent Extremism Unit of the Islamabad Police has blocked 462 social media accounts involved in spreading hateful content.

The police said the unit checks and investigates accounts on various social media platforms to prevent spreading religious, communal and linguistic hatred and propaganda against the country and institutions.

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The unit tracked down 1,522 accounts on X (Twitter), Facebook, and other platforms involved in hate-mongering activities and wrote to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), urging them to shut down those accounts. They have blocked 462 of these accounts so far.

In this regard, the unit traced 65 accounts promoting religious hatred, 47 accounts spreading propaganda against the country, and 350 accounts sharing content related to terrorism. Additionally, they will soon close another 1,600 social media accounts.

Police said countering extremism helps fight terrorism and make security in the capital more effective.

He said that Islamabad Police is in regular contact with educational institutions and madrasas and sermons in mosques are also reviewed to combat extremism.

Similarly, the unit also monitors social media and other websites for political, linguistic and religious extremist content and prepares reports and identifies criminal activities for prosecution.

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