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Shireen Said Imaan Mazari has been ‘kidnapped’

Shireen Mazari claimed that people in plain clothing took her daughter

On the social media site X (previously Twitter), Mazari made the heartbreaking discovery that “officials forcibly entered her home and took her daughter Imaan while she was in her night attire.”

Mazari described the incident in her article, writing: “Just seconds ago, female police officers, people in plain clothing, and ranger staff violently removed my kid from our home after smashing down our front door.

Her laptop and phone were taken, along with our security cameras.

They just took Imaan and searched our house thoroughly when we questioned them about their intentions.

They took my kid away against her will even though she had asked to change out of her pajamas.

Naturally, no warrants were issued and no legal procedure was followed. This represents a form of state repression. Please keep in mind that there are just two women living here. This is a kidnapping.

Shireen Mazari denounced this occurrence and expressed amazement at the illegal acts taken by law enforcement personnel who removed her daughter in the middle of the night.

She said that although she had questioned the people involved in the raid about their intentions, they had nonetheless forcibly removed Imaan and searched the entire house.

Imaan and Shireen Mazari were both in the home when the incident occurred.

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