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Shutter Down Strike against Rigging in Balochistan

Shutter down strike as a protest against the rigging in Balochistan.

Shutter down strike on Tuesday as a protest against the alleged rigging in the recently held general elections in Balochistan.

The walkout was started by a few minor political parties in reaction to what they saw as anomalies in the elections held on February 8.

The closure of all commercial centers as a result of the shutter-down strike made its effects clear and resulted in much less traffic on the highways than on typical days.

Concurrently, Chaman saw its second day of a total shutdown in protest against purported election tampering and modifications in constituency PB-51.

Due to the ongoing protest rally and sit-in by the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party in front of the District Election Commission office, nearby roads were closed, and train service was suspended.

The situation was made worse by the closing of Chaman City’s entrances and exits.

The Pashtunkhaw Milli Awami Party’s nominated candidate, Abbasin Khan Achakzai, said that deceptive methods had been used to turn their victory into a defeat.

The walkout and demonstrations bring to light the serious doubts about the impartiality and openness of Balochistan’s election process.

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