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Protests Against Rigging in Election 2024 Continues

Protests are going on across country against the rigging of election.

Monday marked the fourth day of widespread demonstrations and protests in Balochistan, Sindh and other parts of the country against alleged election rigging, which were held on February 8.

Other political parties

Demanding a recount and contesting the results, political groups including the National Party, PPP, JUI, BAP, BNP-Mangal, PKMAP, and PKNAP staged protests. Marched which blocked main roads and district returning offices.

Balochistan appeared to be cut off from the rest of the country as candidates who did not enter the provincial assembly continued to block highways.

National Party central leader Mir Kabir Muhammad Shahi announced at a rally outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Quetta on Monday, “We will not stop until we get justice.”

PK MAP, BNP-M, Hazara Democratic Party and other political parties announced a protest against the alleged election rigging in the province.

Another NP leader, Haji Atta Muhammad Bangalzai declared, “We are determined to get the rights of our voters.” He said that the returning officer turned his victory into a defeat.

In the high security zone of Quetta, protesters have blocked the main Anscombe Road intersection due to which traffic in the city is suspended.

In an attempt to put more pressure on the Election Commission of Pakistan to re-evaluate the results of their constituencies, they also organized a joint protest camp.

Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal, the central leader of PK MAP claimed, ROs have taken away our democratic right.

According to him, the falsification of records in the province is the fault of ECP and ROs.

Block Major Highways

Various political parties including Awami National Party, JUI and some candidates blocked the main highways connecting Balochistan with Karachi, Sindh, Punjab and other parts of the country.

The majority population of Balochistan suffered the most from the closure of highways.

Abdul Shakoor, one of the passengers stuck in Qalat, said, “We have been at the mercy of the protesters for the past two days.”

Abdul Shakoor said that the blockade is causing problems for patients, elderly, women and children.

Serious allegations were also leveled by the PTI, which said it had lost nine seats in the provincial assembly and three in the national assembly.

In this context, the political parties have also announced a coordinated strike across the country on Tuesday, in which the entire Balochistan will remain closed.

In Sindh too, political parties held demonstrations against the alleged rigging. JUI blocked provincial roads, PTI protested outside ECP headquarters, while Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) staged dharna across Karachi.

JUI leaders and workers blocked the road connecting Sindh and Balochistan and alleged that the February 8 elections were rigged in favor of the People’s Party. They threatened further protests if there was no impartial recount of votes.

At eight important intersections in Karachi, JI staged sit-ins to demand the ECP reject the fake general election results.

Unlawful Gatherings

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Capital Police has announced that Section 144 is in place in the city and any illegal gathering of people will face legal consequences. Around the Election Commission office and other government buildings, some people are encouraging illegal gatherings. Note that encouraging people to gather is also illegal.

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