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Technology and science cooperation between Pakistan and Ethiopia

Pakistan & Ethiopia signed the Science & Technology Cooperation Deal.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and Pakistan jointly signed the agreement.

Last week, the Ethiopia group reached the Ministry of Science and Technology in Islamabad Pakistan on the instructions of the Minister of State, Dr. Fauzia Amin.

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Importance of cooperation of Pakistan and Ethiopia

This cooperation is of utmost importance to both countries for mutual benefit and peaceful purposes.

Moreover, it is effective enough to enhance collaboration between research and academic communities.

All actions taken in accordance with this agreement will be carried out in collaboration with Pakistani and Ethiopian partners.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1958, the two have enjoyed friendly relations and made significant progress on bilateral, regional and global issues.

What is Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology?

The technical Research and Scientific Division was established in 1964 and then transformed into the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1972.

It is the national center and functional arm of the Government of Pakistan for planning, coordinating and directing efforts.

The Ministry of S&T is headed by the Federal Minister of Science and Technology and is administered by the Federal Secretary of S&T.

A sanctioned strength of 220 personnel is included in its establishment.

The functions of administration and finance wings are divided into five technical wings.

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